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    Hi<BR><BR>I am very new to Sql Server 2000 Reporting Services.I just installed the Sql Server 2000 Reporting Services in my macine.When i click on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 i can see the Report Project wizard template under business inteligent project.<BR><BR>I selected the Report Project wizard and created one report called report1.rdl.<BR><BR>But i dont know how to run this report on browser.When i click on preview i can see the result.<BR>But how run on browser and how to integrate this report with my .net application?<BR><BR>In report layout i can create the parameters but i dont know how to use those parameters in report.<BR><BR>Pl provide me help or samples on this.<BR><BR>thanks

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    It gets "published" to a server (which is a seperate install)

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