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    Hi there,<BR>I have built a process on SQL Server using jobs and DTS packages that creates some trending reports. The process uses a text file to take its <BR><BR>input parameters (dates and output file location). I need to build an HTML or ASP page that would be used as a front end interface to modify the <BR><BR>variables inside the text file, so I was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I&#039;d appreciate any input. Thank you very much. Here is <BR><BR>the structure of the text file:<BR><BR>[Trending]<BR>OriginalDate="01-31-2003"<BR>TargetDate="01-31-2004"<BR>OutputFolder="\NetMain01userDocsComputing SoftwareReportsOutputTrending"<BR>InputFile="Trend ing Results.xls"<BR>

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    ... but wouldn&#039;t this sort of thing be easier to acheive in XML? Transferring data across different environments like this is what XML&#039;s really good at.<BR><BR>Other than that, your best bet is to use the FileSystemObject to read the text file into your ASP application. You might then like to temporarily chuck the data into a database or an XML file to make it easier to manipulate, then once you&#039;ve finished, throw it back into your text file.<BR><BR>This might be of interest: it&#039;s all about getting text files into XML: http://www.devx.com/getHelpOn/10MinuteSolution/20356

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