When is too much error checking used? I have a particular website with an SQL 7 backend...Something just triggered me to start thinking about this the other day when i was writing a stored procedure. All the procedure does is takes 3 inputs.<BR><BR>@cid int, @newtext text, @errorid int<BR><BR>It updates a complaint with some new text where cid(primary key) = @cid<BR><BR>Well, before i update it, i check to see if it exists. I&#039m sure 99% of the time it will be fine, because the information passed to it was taken from the db and then a particulare complaint was chosen. However, i still put it in there just in case some day something caused a number to get messed up on its way to the stored procedure. I also read about a global variable that counts the number of records last updated...could i just check that to see if nothing was updated? In other cases i can check @@Error, but updating a record wouldn&#039t generate an error if what was in the where clause didn&#039t exist, it just wouldn&#039t update anything.<BR><BR>Noah