Users cannot view spreadsheets on Web-server after

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Thread: Users cannot view spreadsheets on Web-server after

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    Marcus Sparkus Guest

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    Via the FileSystem Object, I give end-users the option to save an Excel spreadsheet (CSV) and view the results. Yes, the users can save the file. However, when trying to view the Excel file, if the user does not have rights to the Intranet server (which is basically always the case), they are prompted with a password box. I do not want this to happen. I believe there is some sort of anonymous user that can be set up in NT to remedy this. If you know the answer, is is possible to lay it out step by step so I do not continue on my road to insanity?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Sparkus

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    Mark Guest

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    I assume that you are using the FilesSystemObject to create a *.csv file in a specific directory of your IIS web server. If you desire that any file in this "specific directory" be served with Anonymous Authentication, then you must assure that the Default IIS Account has READ permissions on this directory. Generally, the ISUR_machiname Account is used for default NT Account used for Anonymous Authentication in IIS. If IUSR_machinename does not have NT permisision to READ the directory, namely the *.csv files, then IIS will attempt to autthenticate the user with either NT Challengr/Response or Basic Authentication.<BR><BR>Make sure that the default IIS User Account (IUSR_machinename)has NTFS permission to READ the "specific directory" where the *.csv files are located.

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