Hi ,<BR><BR>this is anil form mumbai.. <BR> Currenty i need to work for asp project in which <BR> i need to work for display the data from database to page in paging format.<BR> The crusial part of the program is this is user interaction less ie. user is <BR> not going to click anywhere in the page and the page should automatically slides to next <BR> page if it is there or come back to first page and this cycle goes on and on.<BR> This project is somewhat similar to displaying the current air fleights timings or displaying <BR> shares rates on thin clients.<BR> <BR> This project is self driven and going to display on the thin clients without keyboard for 365 days and 24 hours.<BR> <BR>The single page which is going to display at the 900 to 1000 locations with the different data <BR>and different banners and different advertisements in between for each locations<BR><BR>for this what i did is this :- <BR>1. for banners to display - collecting all banners from database when it is at the first page and then display those banners <BR>by storing in cookies for rest of the paging pages. <BR>2. for displaying the data reads from procedure and display <BR>3. for displaying advertisment for full page it diverts to other page and display the adv. in jpg or flash format and logic to store the list of adv. is same as of banners <BR><BR>TO DISPLAY THIS I AM STORING IN COOKIES CAUSE IT REDUCE THE ROUND TRIPS TO SERVER<BR><BR>I am passing the required data for refreshing the page ,location and counter for advertisment page to display after how many pages of data display pages and more .. <BR>What i want is basic logic so that how can i develop this with efficient code so that it will be robust structure as this structure is <BR>going to run on the 900 to 1000 location for 365 days and 24 hours and in full screen mode .<BR><BR>what i prepared which will give you some idea about this <BR>http://freightandmore.com/fam_gsn/test.asp<BR>and click for submit <BR>this contains the location for houston tx.<BR>as such there will be 900 to 1000.<BR><BR>Please help me <BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>