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    Default Debugging your ASP Scripts

    Debugging your ASP Scripts<BR>By Abd Shomad <BR><BR>Has anyone used this - it&#039;s on 4 guys... Is there a better way, or another article to see?

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    That seems to be a pretty good debugging method. Response.writes in general can be helpful so you see how your variables change through execution basicaly making sure things are as you think they aught to be. One thing I find helpful is putting debug statements in most methods that only execute if I have defined some debug constant in the file. This way when things are working fine I don&#039;t see anything wrong but when things start to go haywire it&#039;s just one declaration and I have a wealth of information on my problem.

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    Default What i have started doing

    is using the .NET debugger....helps me step through my server side and client side code.<BR><BR>just install .NET and party on<BR><BR><BR>

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