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    OK this may not be clear but I&#039;ll explain it as best I can.<BR><BR>I know how to create an excel spreadsheet for user download from a query. And, I know how to display the results of a query in a table. <BR><BR>What we have been asked to do is display the results of the query in a table and the have a link at the to of the page that would let the user download the same results in an Excel spreadsheet without taking them to another page. <BR><BR>Must be brain dead but the only way I can think of to do that is open a new window that repeats the query the user entered and create the excel spreadsheet from that page. Of course I need to store their form requests in hidden form fields and sublit them to a new page and rerun the same query.<BR><BR>Seems like the long way around. Anyone have a better idea?

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    Default Seems like the only way to me. <eop>


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