Opening and Writing to Word/Excel from ASP.NET

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Thread: Opening and Writing to Word/Excel from ASP.NET

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    I&#039;m having trouble figuring out where to get started with this.<BR><BR>My main application is this: I&#039;d like send the results of a database query into Microsoft Excel, using a built-in Label template. I can&#039;t figure out how to access the Excel or Word objects.<BR><BR>Secondly, I would like to do similar things with MS Word. If I could simply figure out how to manipulate a Word doc within my ASP.NET/VB code, I&#039;m sure I could take it from there.<BR><BR>I am NOT using Visual Studio for this application. Textpad is my friend. :)<BR><BR>A small code example would be MUCH appreciated.

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    I am currently working on a similar project using the Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs). These are assemblies that wrap the Office products (Word, Exces, Access) and allow you to utilize them in C# or VB (or whatever) applications.<BR><BR>You can get more information here:<BR><BR><BR>Be forewarned though! These are COM based so cleaning up resources is a HUGE pain. I run into MANY instances where I have like 20 copies of the EXCEL.exe process running in my task manager that refuses to close.<BR><BR>I also understand that EXCEL files can be accessed via ODBC. You might want to look into that.<BR><BR>-Steve<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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