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    I wanted to know of it possible to include a UNC for accessing files on other server like on the following example:<BR><BR>EXEC master..xp_cmdshell &#039;ftp -s:\servernameftpsend.txt &#039;<BR><BR>If I in fact just type in windows explorer \servernameftpsend.txt i can get to the file.<BR><BR>If I use the following example it works fine however this would mean that I have the file on the server that runs this script. Problem with that is my SQL server and IS server are on two separate machines:<BR><BR>EXEC master..xp_cmdshell &#039;ftp -s:c:ftpsend.txt &#039;<BR><BR>Is there potential another way I can FTP a file using the machine where the files sits (IIS) This would eliminate having to use SQL for this service all together<BR>

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