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    I have kind of a rough problem...all the asp pages on my site have slowed to a crawl...even pages with no code in them (just asp extensions) but html.<BR><BR>All the standard HTML pages load faster than I can blink...but any page with an ASP extension (pages with code, without code, with database connections, without database connections, etc) takes forever to load, if it loads at all.<BR><BR>I&#039m running NT 4 with IIS 4 and I have Service Pack 6a installed...I had THOUGHT the problem might have been the ASP memory leaked that plagued earlier versions of NT but SP 6a was supposed to fix that.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I&#039m sure it&#039s got to be a server-side setting somewhere, but I don&#039t know what it is.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    1. Reboot server to clear any possibly memory leaks.<BR>2. Check all Applications that are running in the same process<BR>3. Possibly, transfer certain Application to out-of-process.<BR>

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