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    A friend of mine had someone work on her computer. They wound up formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the XP. Now, when she tries to log on to do work from home, she gets the "What program do you want to use to open this file" message. The file name is Launch.asp which is why I have come here for help.<BR>What needs to be downloaded and installed for her to be able to start working from home?<BR>Thank you so much for your help.

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    Default Depends on what ... want to do with that file. Do you want to edit it? Or run it?<BR><BR>If you want to edit it, then just open it in Notepad, for example.<BR><BR>But if you want to run it, you cannot do that from "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer". Instead, you must run it via MSIE and use a *URL* (NOT a file name!).<BR><BR>Something like <BR> http://localhost/possible/path/Launch.asp<BR><BR>If the file is located in the c:inetpubwwwroot directory, then you simply use<BR> http://localhost/Launch.asp<BR><BR>If it&#039;s located in some subdirectory of c:inetpubwwwroot then you need the *relative* path to that subdirectory.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s not located anyplace under c:inetpubwwwroot then you may have to create a virtual directory using the IIS management panel.<BR><BR>If the person reinstalled XP, then IIS would also have been reinstalled, and any virtual roots on the machine would have been lost. So this might turn out to be a more extensive recovery effort than you or she hoped for.<BR><BR>What is the FULL FILE PATH to that "Launch.asp" file, though?<BR><BR><BR>

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