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    Is there a way I can save a word doc into ASP through code?? I do have 3 word docs in a folder, I need to check if they exist if yes I need to save those word docs as .asp files<BR><BR><BR>pls help

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    Word docs can be converted to HTML, yes. But to ASP? What&#039;s the point? They can&#039;t contain ASP code in them.<BR><BR>In any case, it&#039;s not very easy to convert a .doc to .html from ASP code. You have to "script" WORD as an ActiveX automation object, and that&#039;s completely different than anything you&#039;ve ever done before, most likely. It can be done; and a few people have done it [but not me]. But I&#039;d look long and hard for another way before attempting it.<BR><BR>[Besides, WORD creates really ugly HTML that is always *way* too big and complex.]<BR><BR>

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