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    I would like to replace my null values in the database with a "-".I try doing something like this but it doesnt work.Can someone correct my codes?<BR><BR>Select IsNull(sccpch_load_denom_0,-) AS sccpch_load_denom_0 from W_CEll<BR><BR>

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    do you want to actually update the field? with that Select statement, you&#039;re NOT updating anything. You are just replacing it when you&#039;re doing a select...<BR><BR>you need an update statement:<BR><BR>update W_CELL set sccpch_load_denom_0 = &#039;-&#039; where<BR> sccpch_load_denom_0 is null

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    Default bad syntax

    Select IsNull(sccpch_load_denom_0,-) AS sccpch_load_denom_0 from W_CEll <BR><BR>to<BR><BR>Select IsNull(sccpch_load_denom_0,&#039;-&#039;) AS sccpch_load_denom_0 from W_CEll

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