Hi, <BR><BR>Iam new to asp.net<BR><BR>Trying to draw graphs from taking data from the server using system.drawing object. and then displaying those images on web page...without saving them on file. (as i dont want aspnet user to have write permission on folder...as these images (graph) change every minute. so iam displaying images to image control trhough response.write <BR>code on web page<BR>&#060;asp:Image id="ImgWind" runat="server" HorizontalAlign="Center" imageurl="Wx.aspx?image=1"&#062;&#060;/asp:Image&#062;<BR><BR>to draw images<BR> Select Case Request.QueryString("image")<BR> Case 1<BR>clsDrawGraph.draw(232, 384,Response.OutputStream)<BR> Case 2<BR>_clsDrawGraph.drawtemp(232, 384,Response.OutputStream)<BR> Case 3<BR> _clsDrawGraph.DrawRain(232, 384, Response.OutputStream)<BR> Case 4<BR>_clsDrawGraph.DrawRH(242, 450, response.OutputStream) <BR> End Select<BR><BR>_clsDrawGraph is an instance of class which draws the graph <BR><BR>The problem is that it really takes a long time to draw images on web page ...almost 30 second. so is there any other way to do it. <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>