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    Pokie Guest

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    Hi - I am familiar with how to INSERT a new record and how to UPDATE an existing one, but I&#039ve never tried something like this and I am unsure how to start (pseudo-code follows):<BR><BR>get recordkey from web form &#039no problems<BR>read corresponding record from database1 &#039no problems<BR>if (corresonding record exists in database2)<BR> read it - do stuff - update it<BR>else <BR> create fields - insert new record<BR>endif<BR><BR>Up until now I&#039ve only had the need to work with one database at a time, so I guess I really have two questions:<BR>1) How can I tell when a record exists in a table (based upon a key) and then INSERT/UPDATE appropriately<BR>2) How do I set up a connection for a 2nd db in the same script?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>(and thanks 4guysfromrolla for a great site!)<BR>

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    Jimmy Wang Guest

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    If you need to look at each record by record (because yourKey in second Db table is Indexed primary key, i.e. no duplicates) try the following approach:<BR>Note: the code assumes yourKey, field1, field2 are text-type data type.<BR>I&#039am sure someone else has better approach! <BR>&#060;%<BR>dim db1Conn,db2Conn<BR>dim ConnStr1,ConnStr2<BR>ConnStr1=yourFirsDbConnection String<BR>ConnStr2=yourSecondDbConnectionString<BR ><BR>set db1Conn=server.creatreobject("adodb.connection")<B R>db1Conn.Open ConnStr1<BR>set db1Conn=server.creatreobject("adodb.connection")<B R>db1Conn.Open ConnStr1<BR><BR>sqltemp1="select yourKey,[Db1Field2],[Db1Field3] From yourDb1Table;"<BR>rsTemp1=Db1Conn.Execute(sqltemp1 )<BR>set rsTemp=nothing<BR><BR>myDb1Data=rsTemp1.getRows<BR >howManyRows=Ubound(myDb1Data,2)<BR>howManyCols=Ub ound(myDb1Data,1)<BR><BR>For thisRow=0 to howManyRows<BR>for thisCol=0 to howManyCols<BR>thisValue=myDb1Data(thisCol,thisRow )<BR>select Case thisCol<BR>case 0<BR>sqlTemp2="select yourKey From yourDb2Table Where yourKey=&#039"&thisValue&"&#039;"<BR>set rsTemp2=db2Conn.Execute(sqlTemp2)<BR>If Not(rsTemp2.BOF and rsTemp2.EOF) Then <BR>&#039&#039sql to update your db2 table<BR>sqlTemp3="Update yourDb2Table Set Db2field=&#039"&myDb1Data(1,thisRow)&"&#039,DbFiel d3=&#039"&myDb1Data(2,thisRow)&"&#039 Where YourKey=&#039"&thisValue&"&#039;"<BR>Else<BR>&#039 &#039sql to insert into db2 table<BR>sqlTemp3="Insert into YourDb2Table (yourKey,Db2Field2,dbField3) " _<BR>& " Value (&#039"&thisValue&"&#039,&#039"&&myDb1Data(1,thisR ow)&"&#039,&#039"&&myDb1Data(2,thisRow)&"&#039);"< BR>End If<BR>End Select<BR>set rsTemp3=Db2Conn.Execute(sqltemp3)<BR>set rsTemp3=nothing<BR>Next<BR>next<BR>set db1Conn=nothing<BR>set db2Conn=nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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