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    Hello, <BR>I am building up an intranet module that lets employees in a school to connect to their web based application and handle all school info over the internet. <BR>Since this is a restricted module (only for school employees), I need to secure data exchanged. Specifically I need to examine the identity of the users (the school employees), I am not sure that making a login form and then comparing the entered username and password with those in the db is enough, is not it? <BR><BR>* Of course I must build up a login form, and validate data but: <BR>my first questrion is : shall I use a session variable to track the user throughout the whole site with it which (i.e. the session variable) will not work if cookie on the user&#039;s computer is disabled? Is there any solution other than cookie and session variable to track the user. <BR><BR><BR>* What else can I do other than password - username validity? <BR>Thanks very much <BR>

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    yes that sounds reasonable to me<BR><BR>No session/cookies don&#039;t work without cookies enabled<BR><BR>-- why are cookies so bad?<BR><BR>Tell your users that they need cookies enabled!

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