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    When programming in C a favorite timesaver of mine was to declare my variables and arrays to be global externs. Here my latest ASP program is composed of two distinct ASP scripts -<BR>(2 modules, you might call them). Script A does its task and then “redirects” to script B which does its task. They both read the same database into an array and then work with the array. This means my program reads the same database twice, which seems repetitious to me. Sloppy. How can I have script A read the database into an array and then let script B read the array? <BR>

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    Your only option is Session variables. However, that too seems sloppy to me.<BR><BR>Providing the code you&#039;re writing for pages "A" and "B" is neat, and that you only request the information you actually require, I don&#039;t see what else you can do.<BR><BR>Remember, with "classic" programming most "requests" have some commonality - they&#039;re normally part of a single application, there&#039;s normally something that allows you to persist data. With web based coding that&#039;s not the case (aside from what Session variables let you do).<BR><BR>Craig.

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