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    Hi, <BR><BR>i have two pages p1.aspx and p2.aspx. i have some fields on p1.aspx file and a submit button. when i click submit button, my control is transferred to p2.aspx file which shows all the form fields of p1.aspx file. <BR><BR>Now the problem is that with submit button click, my control is transferred to p2.aspx BUT on internet explorer address bar it shows p1.aspx. <BR><BR>can anyone tell me why it doesnt change even though i m transfered to p2.aspx. and also how to solve it. <BR><BR>i am using the following code for submission on p1.aspx file. <BR><BR><BR>Sub Page_Transfer(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)<BR><BR> Server.Transfer("p2.aspx")<BR><BR>End sub<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    In simple terms, it&#039;s because that&#039;s how Server.Transfer works. If you want p2.aspx to appear in the address bar, you can either change the Server.Transfer to Response.Redirect, or take runat="server" out of the form tag, and set the action attribute to p2.aspx

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