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    Hey, I have a datagrid that holds items and prices for those items which a customer can purchase. I&#039;m trying to validate the data that is sent back from my datagrid to ensure that the price of the item has not been altered on the client side. My idea is to store a copy of the original dataset that was used as the datasource of my datagrid(that&#039;s was mouth full) in a session variable and once the selected items are submitted to the server I will validate the price of the items against the original data in the dataset. My question is, is it a bad idea to be storing entire recordsets in a session variable like that(considering that there could potentially be many users with active sessions at any given time), in terms of the server resources. I&#039;m not sure if my approach to this problem is the best way of doing things so other alternatives are welcome.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default if you dont want someone to alter it

    then why make it some sort of control that the user can alter?<BR><BR>it makes absolutely no sense to do that...<BR><BR>the one and only thing you should be passing around is the ProductID and when it comes time to calculate price/etc, use the ID to pull your values from the DB

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