I need design ideas or general ideas on how to allow users to maintain their .doc and .xls files on the web server but at the same time use a form that will allow for versioning of the files. <BR>Background - (use: IntrAnet) users will have their area to post .doc and .xls files. They like to use front page, I am removeing that capability and have a form that displays the document information. I want to be able to allow them to basically check out the file and check it back in...I then log into a version database the date/time etc, etc. The user only has to use Word or Excel. This is being implemented because users are damaging the server file structure and deleting...moving files everywhere. I cannot just have a link beause it will open web version of excel or word. <BR><BR>(Everyone IE5, winNT) server will running sitesever 3.0<BR>any ideas?