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    Hello!<BR><BR>I&#039;ve downloaded the code of encrypt and decrypt stuff from this site. What I am trying is when a user creates an application the id in the URL for eg. say 212 will be encrypted and sent the url will be http://www.junkie.com/appl.asp?id=%BE%1E%14<BR><BR>Once the user clicks this I will request the id and decrypt the same and do the other queries and insert few details..<BR><BR>In the first page its working fine when I pass this encrypted thing to the next page its going as ¾ instead of =%BE%1E%14<BR><BR>pls help what I shud do

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    Default If I may ask a silly

    question, why do you need to encrypt the id at all? Or maybe a better question is why do you need to protect it?

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    Aside from Pete&#039;s question, you probably need to UrlEncode the string again:<BR><BR>strID = "¾"<BR>ResponseWrite Server.UrlEncode(strID)

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