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    Does anyone know how to send back data from a popup window? <BR>In the past I have done the following:<BR>Open a popup window that contains e.g. usernames.<BR>When the username is selected, its Id is sent back to the main page using the following javascript: <BR>window.opener.document.formName.hidUserId.valu e = selectedUserId<BR><BR>This will set an hidden element in the main page to the value in selectedUserId from the popup window.<BR><BR>How do I do this in ASP.NET - as ASP.NET does not seem to support the &#060;hidden&#062; element.<BR>I know I could somehow put it in the Viewstate - but how do I get the value from the popup page into the Viewstate.<BR><BR>Have tried:<BR>&#060;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="hidUerId" value="" runat="server"&#062; <BR><BR>but the element just does not appear at all in the resultant HTML.<BR><BR>Can anyone please help?

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    ASP.NET does support hidden elements. jiggered if I know what you&#039;re doing wrong though. could be that the element doesn&#039;t have an ID attribute.

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