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Thread: Netscape Vs IE...disabling form elements

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    I need to disable form elements on an event in a form. This can be easily done in IE using the disabled attribute of HTML 4.0.(with javascipt-document.formname.formelement.disabled = true) Does anybody out there know how to do it in NEtscape as these properties are not being recognised.<BR><BR>I also wish to change the color property of a textbox in Netscape. Equivalent in IE is - r =<BR>&#039blue". Can anyone help me find it Netscape?<BR><BR>

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    i think you can fix the first of your problems by calling the .blur() method of the form object in question on a mouseover event.<BR>as to using CSS with netscape, well good luck.<BR>if you absolutely have to do this then i&#039d suggest<BR> <BR><BR><BR>as the definitive CSS &#039bible&#039 and also<BR><BR><BR><BR>for some useful info. on changing the appearance of forms in general.<BR><BR>ps. if this is of any help & you ever figure out how to set the width of a &#060;select&#062; box in netscape using stylesheets please let me know.

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