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    I&#039;ve created a simple control is VS.NET and a corresponding Designer class for it so that it renders in VS.NET when you drag it onto a WebForm.<BR><BR>For some reason, When I make a change to the Designer class, and recompile, those changes do not show up when I drag an instance of the control onto the WebForm again. I try deleting the control from the toolbox and re-adding it, but that doesn&#039;t help. The only thing that seems to help is actually closeing down VS.NET entirely and starting it back up.<BR><BR>I shouldn&#039;t have to do that... has anyone else experienced this?<BR><BR>Any input is appreciated.<BR>Thanks<BR>-Steve

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    Does the project you are using the control in have a reference to the control&#039;s project or to a dll?<BR><BR>In design view, you have an instance of the designer in memory.<BR><BR>The trick I use is to switch to html view, then Re-Build solution. This rarely fails to give me the new designer.<BR>Sometimes just switching to html view adding a space and saving will do the trick too.<BR><BR>

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