Suddenly all my pages giving problem.When i click on any button or any object in aspx page no events are firing menas click on any buttons or select on list boxes or radio buttons not performing any action.Its not giving any error msg also.Page is remaining as it is.<BR><BR>This is happening when i access the server application in my local browser.If i run my local copy in my browser its working fine.<BR><BR>When i do some research on this its happing below cases.<BR><BR>In my server side When i use windows authentication in IIS(check on Integrated Windows Authentication) all pages are working fine.<BR><BR>When i remove windows authentication and check on Anonymous access In IIS security tab my application not working means actions are not performing.<BR><BR><BR>Hyperlinks are working in all pages only objects(aspx buttons,textboxes,combo,listbox ect not performing any action).<BR><BR>What could be the problem ?I am totally confused here .Any settings need to do serverside or client browsers or IIS side .<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>