I&#039ve sort of asked this before, but now I&#039m looking at it in a different way, we&#039ll try a slightly different question...<BR><BR>Table 1 contains facts. Table 2 references table 1&#039s facts and adds evaluations for discrete points in time (as columns). Table 3 names a discrete point in time in a record.<BR><BR>Question: Is it possible to build a view of Table 1 and the column of table 2 referenced by table 3?<BR><BR>Goal: I&#039d like to be able to add a fact to the view and have it update the list in table 1 and table 2 so I don&#039t end up with join anomalies (Nulls) when I bring the two together. If there&#039s another way to achieve this, I&#039d love to hear it.<BR><BR>Visualization example: Think of it as a wine list. Table 1 lists all wine producers, table 2 lists years. Table 3 tells us that we&#039re reviewing this year. Now, if I add a wine to the view, Table 1 picks up the wine and table 2 can put a real evaluation down for this year and a default "N/A" for previous years. Then when I go to table 2 and ask it for the number of improved wines or the percentage of new wines this year, I don&#039t have to worry about my basic numbers being wrong because they were lost in a join or something.<BR><BR>Thanks for any ideas, I&#039m coming up short on them.