animated gif stops when loading asp page

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Thread: animated gif stops when loading asp page

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    Default animated gif stops when loading asp page

    I have created a web page, with an animated gif, that automatically calls another asp page.<BR>As soon as the second asp page is called the gif on the first page stops animating.<BR>Is there a way to keep the gif moving until the second page appears in the browser.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance for any help given to a true novice.<BR>iansa

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    Default All up to the browser...

    ...and typically a browser treats the current window as trash as soon as a request is made for another page.<BR><BR>You *could* popup a new window, pull first window to the front, load contents into the popped up window, and then pull popped up to front. So that the first window would continue to animate (even after the second window is there).<BR><BR>You probably would *not* want to attempt to close the first window, because that will bring up a dialog to the user saying that "a script is trying to close this window, do you want to allow that?"<BR><BR>You know, this isn&#039;t really a big deal. Anybody with an &#039;net and browser experience is quite familiar with the fact that animation stops when a new page is called for.<BR><BR>I could imagine that other browsers and/or browsers in the future might behave differently, but for now it&#039;s all up to the browser.<BR><BR>

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