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    i have a project and i want to make a complete copy of this project so that i can work on the copy and notupset the original.<BR>my problem is that whatever way i try to copy the project it links back to the original and makes the changes that i have made to the copy there too. i have tried the copy project method and i also tried creating a blank solution and copying the project in here but i get the same problem and if i try to change the name of the copied project then i get errors also.<BR>does anyone know how to do this?<BR>thanks!

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    Default Unbind Source Control

    If the project is under source control, it will keep linking back. If you physically make a copy of the project files, open it is source safe, then go to the File &#062; Source Control &#062; Change Source Control option, then choose the project and click the Unbind option, it should stop updating the original

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