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    Hey guys,<BR><BR>Im having some difficulty in getting my head around this SQL script that I require.<BR><BR>I have the following tables within an access db.<BR><BR>events [this table holds all of the event details except dates]<BR>event_dates [this holds the actual event dates]<BR><BR>Im doing it this way so that Im not having to rewrite each events details to the db every time it is posted. This causes performance issues especially with recurring events that may have 300 odd entries. Understand? Its pointless posting the same information within the events table if the information is exactly the same, just the dates are different. Therefor Im only posting the event information once and posting the dates to the event_dates table. I hope Im making sense here!<BR><BR>Both tables have an eventID of which is a long randomly generated string, such as &#039;987635241985940&#039; See previous post :)<BR><BR>Now where Im confused is that I need to query the events table AND the event_dates table somehow together so that I get the event title on screen within my web based calendar, and users can click on the event title and have it display the correct details of the event within the details page.<BR>God Im confusing myself here!<BR><BR>AAAAAAAGGGHHHH...<BR><BR>I should be shot for posting something like this, but if someone can help me out it would be great.<BR><BR>If not, Ill just keep banging my head against the office wall.<BR><BR>John<BR>

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    uhm?<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Events e INNER JOIN EventDetails d ON e.eventid = d.eventid

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