How to resize activex control in web browser?

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Thread: How to resize activex control in web browser?

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    Default How to resize activex control in web browser?

    *<BR>After reading the informative article on "Using ActiveX controls on your web page" at<BR>I have one question:<BR><BR>How do you resize an ActiveX control embedded in a web page? I would like to be able to resize the OCX control as the web browser is being resized. Is that possible? Any help on how to do this would be appreciated! <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>

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    Default Depends on the control...

    ...and whether it will support resizing. Sure, you can use the window&#039;s (or maybe a &#060;DIV&#062;&#039;s or various other containers) onresize event to trigger a resize of most anything on an &#060;HTML&#062; page.<BR><BR>You should be aware that virtually *NOBODY* nowadays will allow ActiveX controls in pages that the view on the internet. About the only place you find these still in use are on inTRAnets. They&#039;ve just been subject to too many hacker attacks and have proven to be too big a security hole. The MSIE 6 browser, for example, disables them for anything but people who use the very laxest (and unsafest) security settings.<BR><BR>That article was written almost 6 years ago, and the internet landscape has changed *TONS* since then. Unless you are working with an inTRAnet, I&#039;d forget about OCX&#039;s in the browser.<BR><BR>

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