I am very new to ASP. I have a basic search set up to query an access db on the same server (not a db server) and search via up to any/all of 3 fields.<BR><BR>I then grabbed editor.zip to let me edit,delete, and add to the db in a protected folder... all with my basic, 1 on scale of 1 to 100, asp skill.<BR><BR>but.. what I want is to be able to search and have the option to edit,add,delete my search results on the same page provided they have rights to edit the DB.<BR><BR>I really need someone else&#039s prebuilt script to do so that is documated so I can edit it.. I really have no skill at all at this stage in my learning.<BR><BR>I am on IIS 4 with FP 2000.<BR><BR>Thanks for any and all help.<BR>orangutan@grungyape.com<BR>