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    I have a form that helps users submit their feedback. After the user submits the feedback they are redirected to a page that is a &#039Thanks page&#039 for submitting the feedback. From the &#039Thanks page&#039 if the user clicks the Back button, they go back to the feedback page. I want the form fields on the feedback page to be cleared out when they click the &#039Back Button&#039 which is not happening right now. <BR>I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how do I clear those fields out?<BR><BR>

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    The fields are not cleared because, I assume, you have not disabled caching. You do this with:<BR>response.expires = 0<BR>near the top of the asp page.

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    Thanks for the response. I have tried reponse.expires=0. Does not seem to work.<BR><BR>Any other suggestion

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