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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>For all the input in text area.. how can i view it out exactly same with the orginal(user&#039s input) with space, next paragraph and so on. Coz my problem is when i display the text, all the text will become horizontal, and can&#039t verify the differencite the paragraph by paragraph.<BR><BR>i use &#060;%=Server.URLEncode(textArea)%&#062; to to convert all the text in text area and store in SQLserver..will it affect the result output.. how can i solve this problem. TQ.

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    Try <BR>&#060;textarea rows=xx cols=yy wrap="hard" &#062;<BR>in your textarea deff..<BR><BR>while reading from textarea manually insert &#060;pre&#062; tag<BR> &#060;pre&#062; &#060;%=Server.URLEncode(textArea)%&#062; &#060;/pre&#062;

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    Default Thanks you!

    it work perfectly, thanks for you kindness help!

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