Request.Browser.MajorVersion returns incorrect ver

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Thread: Request.Browser.MajorVersion returns incorrect ver

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    Default Request.Browser.MajorVersion returns incorrect ver

    I have an application that needs to detect the browser/version/active X enabled.<BR><BR>Currently it correctly identifies the Browser and whether Active X is enabled or not, for some reason it is NOT identifying IE 6 as IE 6 but rather IE 4. This has been tested from 3 machines with the same result.<BR><BR>I put this line in to see what was happening:<BR><BR>PopUp("browser = " + Request.Browser.Browser.ToUpper() + Request.Browser.MajorVersion.ToString + "Active X = " + Request.Browser.ActiveXControls.ToString)<BR><BR>I use Visual Studio 2003. Is there a setting in the project somewhere that I could have set inadvertantly, which is now making the browser version detect incorrectly?<BR><BR>Is anyone aware of a good document that explains WHERE/HOW gets this info so that I might be able to back-track? (Assuming you don&#039;t know the answer! ;)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default RE: Request.Browser.MajorVersion returns incorrect<BR><BR><BR>

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