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    Hiya,<BR><BR>I&#039ve been trying to find examples that would do something along the lines of the following:<BR><BR>Insert text (via a textbox and submit on the ASP) into an Access database (the Table would be called "Register" and the Column would be called "Code" - numeric value).<BR><BR>I&#039ve setup the System DSN ok, but am having problems getting started with the ASP. I&#039ve looked at lots of examples, but just can&#039t seem to work it out =(<BR><BR>This is basically to get me started on inputting data via ASPs - i&#039m currently using SQL IDC & HTX files to input/output the real database&#039s contents, but have run into a big problem - hence the need to use an ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any suggestions / help =)<BR><BR>Justin

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    Default RE: Newbie Question<BR><BR>This site got me started

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