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    Hi folks,<BR> Sorry for annoying you. I have as my homepage and the option to reset it its blamked in my internet options. I&#039;ve run spybot and tried the remove/add programs but can&#039;t fix it. Would anybody have any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks for your time<BR><BR>Neil

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    You will probly find its a little nasty memory resistant blighter which re-installs its self on each restart. I would (Dunno what OS you are on) hit run type msconfig check selected startup and try to find it in there and disable it then remove it using add remove programs and see if that cures it.<BR><BR>if you can&#039;t fint it in msconfig uncheck all start up items add remove progs uninstall it and restart then enable them one by one until you weed it out.<BR><BR>Good Luck dude..

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    ha!<BR><BR>aside from being beyond the scope of this forum (what does it have to do with ASP?) I&#039;m afriad this particular bit of self-inflicted trouble may result in you doing some major work to get back to normal. the moral of the tale is this:<BR><BR>practice safe computing. keep antivirus software up to date, don&#039;t install anything you&#039;re not sure of. NEVER blindly click OK, and keep your OS patched.

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