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Thread: CHMOD in ASP?

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    Default CHMOD in ASP?

    Hi all...<BR><BR>Is there any way in ASP to affect or over-ride security settings programatically? <BR><BR>For instance, I don&#039;t want to make a web-accessible folder ALWAYS to be read/write... but if I could programatically change it from read only to read/write when running a particular script, then that would be the cat&#039;s meow!<BR><BR>Tim

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    Default Has to start with read/write...

    First of all, CHMOD [that&#039;s the Unix command, the Windows command is ATTRIB] only applies to the *current* user account when the file system is NTFS. Each user account has completely separate permissions.<BR><BR>So you&#039;d have to set up a directory to give IUSR_xxx (where xxx is the name of your computer) complete control. Then from ASP (which runs under the IUSR_xxx account) you could change the folder to read-only and, I believe, later change it back to read-write.<BR><BR>Having said all this...<BR><BR>Why does the folder need to be web-accessible??? Why not use a folder that is not web-accessible but is accessible from your ASP account??<BR><BR>

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