AspUpload has a user impernation function that lets me submit a file from one site and send it to another by providing a username and password of a user on the remote server. I always get a "required priveledge" error when using it. Persits has two options to fix this.<BR><BR>1) On Windows NT/IIS4, if your virtual directory has the "Run in separate memory space" option checked, the current user (IUSR_xxx) must have the "Act as part of the operating system" privilege.<BR><BR>2) On Windows 2000/IIS5, you must set the "Application Protection" option to Low (IIS Process) on your virtual directory.<BR><BR>I&#039;m running on an outside-hosted Win2003 machine, so I can&#039;t use either option. I can&#039;t use option 2 because it&#039;s not available on the new machine. I can&#039;t use option 1 because that would give me access to their servers which is a big security risk.<BR><BR>I talked to the guys at Persits and they don&#039;t even know what to do. This is the message I got from them:<BR><BR>"IIS 6.0 doesn&#039;t have the Application Protection settings, right; it uses the paradigm of Application Pools instead. Unfortunately, we&#039;re not sure how that interacts with LogonUser and the "required privilege" error. On our one Windows 2003 box here, LogonUser worked right out of the box with our components, and I haven&#039;t been able to configure it to reproduce the error at all. Do look through the Application Pool settings - there&#039;s a tab for account identity settings in the properties on the app pool which might affect this."<BR><BR>They also asked me if I found out HOW to do it, to send them an email describing what I did, for their future use. Anybody come across this kind of problem?