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Thread: how to use COM DLL in VB.NET

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    i am using third party DLL in my ASP.NET website using VB.NET. which is creating problem. Same DLL i use in ASP application and its working fine. now i aleady that DLL throug "Add Refernce" in ASP.NET application. i have also improrted that DLL in my .vb class file. but could not use its methods which i have successfully used in ASP Application. please help me. here is my code in .vb class file.<BR>=================================<BR>Impo rts HTTPREQLib<BR>Public Class XmlLib<BR> Dim httpReq As HTTPREQLib.SLHttpReqClass<BR> httpReq.connect ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("EclipseNetDomai n"), false, false, ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("EclipseNetPort" )<BR>End Class<BR>=================================<BR><BR> it gives error that : "declaration expected" where i called connect method.<BR><BR>here is my ASP code which is working fine.<BR>==================<BR>set httpReq = CreateObject("Sandlot.HTTPReq")<BR>httpReq.connect Application("EclipseNetDomain"), false, false, Application("EclipseNetPort")<BR>================= =<BR><BR>please help and suggest solutions<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Dev

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