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    Hey guys...<BR><BR>I have the following code which I was hoping would automatically send me email notification upon joining my forum, however it doesnt appear to be working.<BR><BR>Heres the code...<BR><BR>&#039;send the clowns an email<BR>Dim objMail<BR>Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>objMail.F rom = ""<BR>objMail.Subject = "How TO send email with CDONTS"<BR>objMail.To = ""<BR>objMail.Body = "This is an email message" & vbcrlf&_ <BR>"with CDONTS." & vbcrlf&_<BR>"It is really easy. " <BR>objMail.Send<BR>Set objMail = nothing<BR><BR>It doesnt throw any errors but doesnt appear to be working???<BR><BR>The SMTP service is running, what have I missed?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default I got this error in event viewer

    Message delivery to the remote domain &#039;blah blah blah&#039; failed for the following reason: The remote server did not respond to a connection attempt.

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    Default RE: I got this error in event viewer

    well, there ya go then. the destination server is unreachable - could be a firewall thing, perhaps?

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    Default ...anyone?


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