I have in my webclass code a check to see if Response.IsClientConnected is false and if so logoff the current user. The issue is that the call to Response.IsClientConnected returns me false sometimes even though the client browser is still open. The behaviour is not consistent. <BR>A particular scenario where i&#039;m able to replicate the issue is when i have two level popups(i.e. main window -&#062; 1st popup window -&#062; opens 2nd popup window). when i do a search facility on my 2nd popup and select the result so that it gets populated in 1st popup window. <BR>The search goes fine but when i choose the result to populate it back to 1st popup window, once in a while(randomly)the Response.IsClientConnected returns me false even though all the three windows are opened.<BR>Can kindly someone enlighten me on this. Thanks.