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    Hi..I am new to C#.I would like to initialize an array in i write it in this manner?<BR><BR>&#060;coding&#062;<BR> for (i=0;i&#060;=9;i++)<BR> {<BR> imp_arr[i] = "";<BR> <BR> }<BR>&#060;/coding&#062;

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    //Declaration<BR>string[] strVariable;<BR>//Initialize<BR>strVariable = new string[10]; //10 is the number of elements u<BR> //want to have in the array<BR>//Dynamic Declaration and Initialiazation<BR>int NoofElements = 10;<BR>string[] strVariable = new string[NoofElements];<BR>//You can access the elements<BR>for(int i=0;i&#060;NoofElements;i++)<BR> strVariable[i]

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