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    I would like to count records in two columns of my database but it really works only with one, perhaps anyone knows the right statement for the Count thing.<BR><BR>example<BR> <BR>Test (2)<BR>Guest (1)<BR><BR><BR>Table<BR><BR>Test aaa<BR> aaa<BR>Guest bbb<BR> <BR><BR>thanks for helping<BR>

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    I don&#039t fully understand. You have two tables, and you want to know the number of rows in both tables? So, if table A had x rows and tableB had y rows, you want to get x+y, correct?<BR><BR>One way you can do this is:<BR><BR>SELECT Count(*) FROM tableA, tableB<BR><BR>Have a great day! If I didn&#039t answer your question, perhaps you can rephrase your question so I can better answer it! Happy Programming!

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