I have a report that I have messed around and that produces results that I&#039;m fairly happy with but now I need to add other districts that have similar information to the first. I have tried several filter options and I&#039;m able to ready to give up so I thought I could revised the query code to prompt the user to supply the district&#039;s id. Here&#039;s my code so far...<BR><BR><BR>SELECT P.Provider, P.Website, P.ProductType, P.Phone, R.rep_id, R.RepFName, R.RepLName, R.RepPhone, R.RepEmail, A.District<BR>FROM Directory AS D, Provider AS P, Rep AS R, District AS A<BR>WHERE (((D.Provider_Id)=P.Provider_Id) And ((D.Rep_Id)=R.Rep_Id) And ((D.District_Id)=A.District_Id))<BR>ORDER BY A.District, P.Provider, R.RepLName; <BR>*** I need to subsitute the A.District_ID = ??? ***<BR>I&#039;m not sure how to set this up and if it will net the result I want.<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated!