Can anyone help me with this??

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Thread: Can anyone help me with this??

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    I have posted this twice and no one has been able to provide an answer. I figure that someone can help me out....<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to figure out how to do multiple inserts into a database all at once. Anyone have any ideas? I have a dynamic form in which a user selects how many records they want to insert. Let&#039s say they select 5. Once they fill out the form fields I want them to be able to submit all five of these records at once. Any pointers on how to accomplish this? Using arrays? Thanks.

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    You could try one of the following:<BR>A. try adding all the inserts into one SQL String i.e<BR>SQLStr = "insert into table_a Values() insert into table_a Values(), etc" <BR><BR>or <BR><BR>Open connection<BR>For I to Number of inserts<BR> Bulid sqlstr<BR> SQl.conn execute SQLstr<BR>Next I<BR>Close connection

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