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    almost from 2 months I am struggling to connect a MS access db which is on the internet from my intranet.<BR><BR>Can&#039;t this be done? If there are any ways please help me out.<BR><BR>I have two same websites one on the internet and other on the intranet. The reason for having 2 diff is that if its on the intranet internal users can be authenticated through LDAP server. <BR><BR>I need to update from intranet to internet and from internet to intranet.<BR><BR>Appreciate your help.

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    I think it depends on the location of your access database. If you place it on a location that is accesible from both sites there should be no problem.<BR><BR>If both sites are on the same webserver, you could place it in let&#039;s say C:Database, and that location would be accessible from both sites.<BR>If both sites are on different servers you could create a share where you place the access database, just make sure you have enough rights (read and write permission).

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