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    hello,<BR> i know this is not the perfect place to ask this question but i tried to search many faqs but couldn&#039;t get anywhere near it. so if anyone could throw some light on it, i would be more then happy.<BR> my prob is i have been working on asp for past one year. now i am migrating to asp.net. i have just started on asp.net. in asp what i (or most of us) use to do is to post values to another form and then open a recordset, update and close and update the table.<BR> in asp.net i am bit confused about postback. do i need to post the values to another form or can i specify it in if not page.istpostback ?<BR> and another thing that baffles is while using recordset in asp, we use to display appropirate record in tables. of course datagrid can solve this but if we want to have functionalities like varmyvariable = rs(0) then how can we do this in asp.net?<BR> i know it&#039;s very naive question but please help me on this one. thanks in advance.<BR>

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    "IsPostback" is a question in the code asking: did this page just post to itself?<BR><BR>it doesn&#039;t work on other pages<BR><BR>for your second question:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/chapters/ASPNET/ch06.2.shtml

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