How do I capture changes in form fields?

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Thread: How do I capture changes in form fields?

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    Default How do I capture changes in form fields?

    I need to capture last 5 changes made to any form fields. for eg: I have a form with 20 text boxes. Anytime user changes anything in any of the text box, I need to keep a record of last 5 changes made on each text box. The only way able to figure out is record every change a new row in a table. Now that will generate a huge gigantic table which may cause lot of problems. I am trying to get some ideas on doing it other way or anybody has done soemthing like this. The purpose is keep a record so our legal department can compare it and run reports

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    Default Hmmm....

    Well, if *all* the fields you want to keep track of are textual fields, then I guess you could keep a history record of the form<BR> HistoryTable<BR> id : foreign key to the main table, to locate record that changed<BR> fieldName : name of field that changed<BR> value : prior value of changed field<BR> when : datetime, when the change was made<BR><BR>But, truthfully, recording each new change in a new row is not as bad as it sounds. Database size is often not anywhere near as important as flexibility.<BR><BR>

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