Hi<BR><BR>I&#039m working on an intranet expense claims application that has 15 details rows to allow a user to add details of claims. Each row has a type field (field names type1 to type15) and an amount field (field names amount1 to amount15). In the validation routine a check is performed on the type field - if its a certain type then a check needs to be performed on the amount to see if it exceeds an allowed limit. The only way I can find of validating at the moment is to refer to the fields as theform.amount1.value etc ... obviously I have to repeat this 15 times. Ideally I&#039d like to use a loop but I can&#039t find anyway to reference the field names other than amount1, amount2 etc .. I tried creating a loop and referencing the fields by using theform.amount&intloop.value etc but obviously this wont work - I&#039ve given an example below:<BR><BR>In my form I create the fields by using a loop for example -<BR><BR>For intloop = 1 to 15<BR><BR>response.write INPUT name = type" & intloop <BR>response.write INPUT name = amount" & intloop<BR><BR>next<BR><BR>I then need to validate the contents of the amount against the type eg<BR><BR>if the form.type1.value = "Travel" then<BR>if the form.amount1.value &#062; 20 then<BR>msgbox("The limit for travel is £20")<BR>end if<BR>end if<BR><BR>Obviously I need to repeat this for each row on the form - and there are 15 rows. The actual validation is much more complex than I&#039ve shown above and I don&#039t want to be repeating the same block of code 15 times, just substituting the number each time eg type1 and amount1, type2 and amount2.<BR><BR>Has anyone any suggestions ?<BR><BR>Thanks, Nic<BR>