Help with 4 guys article (CheckboxList Validator)

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Thread: Help with 4 guys article (CheckboxList Validator)

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    Default Help with 4 guys article (CheckboxList Validator)

    I am trying to create the Validation Control for checkboxlists<BR><BR>I tried it on C# and VB.Net but an unable to get the validation to fire. Anyone have any joy with it, or anyone point out how to debug it

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    Default i got that to work

    As you can see:<BR><BR><BR>Took their C# code, built it, took the dll and dropped it into my project, used it above and it works like a charm :)<BR><BR>here&#039;s the dll if you want it in compiled format:<BR>

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    Default skmValidator CheckBoxValidator may not accomodate Checkboxes in a Wizard

    I also read and hoped to use the skmValidators CheckBoxValidator validator in my code. The reason I think it doesn't fire on my page is because it's inside a CreateUserWizard, and the CheckBoxValidator class only calls the FindControl method, but it should look deeper into the wizard with something like:
    CreateUserWizard.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateCon tainer.FindControl()
    ...I think.
    Can anyone confirm this and offer a way to change the code. I'm really new at this type of programming and don't understand C# very well.

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